Information List

Bee books 


Alford, D. V. (1975; reprint 2011), Bumblebees, Northern Bee Books, Hebden Bridge


Benton, Ted (2006), HarperCollins, London

Field Guide to the Bumblebees of Great Britain and Ireland

Edwards, Mike, and Jenner, Martin (2005), Ocelli, Eastbourne

Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland

Falk, Steven (2015), British Wildlife Publishing, Totnes


Feltwell, John (2006), Wildlife Matters, Battle

Bumblebees: Their Behaviour and Ecology

Goulson, Dave (2003), Oxford University Press, Oxford

Plants for Bees

Kirk, W. D. J., and Howse, F. N. (2012),  International Bee Research Association, Groombridge


Prys-Jones, Oliver E., and Corbet, Sarah A. (2011), Pelagic Publishing, Exeter


Insects and Flowers: the Biology of a Partnership

Barth, Friedrich G. (1991),, Princeton University Press, Princeton

The Natural History of Pollination

Proctor, Michael, Yeo, Peter, and Lack, Andrew (1996), HarperCollins, London

General insect books

The Royal Entomological Society Book of British Insects

Barnard, Peter C. (2011), T, Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford

A Comprehensive Guide to Insects of Britain and Ireland

Brock, Paul D. (2014), Pisces Publications, Totnes

Garden Pests of Britain and Europe

Chinnery, Michael (2010), A. & C. Black, London

Insects and Gardens

Grissell, Eric (2001), Timber Press, Maidenhead



Peterken, George (2013), British Wildlife Publishing, Totnes



Britain’s Hoverflies: a Field Guide

Hall, Stuart U. A., and Morris, Roger (2016), Princeton University Press, Princeton

Stubbs, Alan E. (1996), British Hoverflies: Second Supplement, British Entomological and Natural History Society, Reading 

Stubbs, Alan E. and Falk, Steven (1983), British Hoverflies: an Illustrated  Identification Guide, British Entomological and Natural History Society, Reading 


Plant, Colin W. (1997), A Key to the Adults of British Lacewings and Their Allies, Field Studies Council, Shrewsbury

Solitary wasps

Yeo, Peter F. and Corbet, Sarah A. (1995), Solitary Wasps (Naturalists’ Handbooks 3), Richmond Publishing Company, Slough

Butterflies and moths

Oates, Matthew (2011), Butterflies, National Trust, Swindon

Thomas J. A. (2007), Philip’s Guide to Butterflies of Britain and Ireland, Philip’s, London

Newland, David, Still, Robert, and Swash, Andy (2013), Britain’s Day-Flying Moths, Princeton University, Princeton


Forsythe, Trevor G.  (2000), Ground Beetles (Naturalists’ Handbooks 8), Pelagic Publishing, Exeter


Morris, Pat (2006), The New Hedgehog Book, Whittet Books, Stansted

Morris, Pat (2014), Hedgehogs, Whittet Books, Stansted

Reeve, Nigel (1994), Hedgehogs, Poyser Natural History, London

Slugs and snails

Barker, G. M. (ed.) (2004), Natural Enemies of Terrestrial Molluscs, CABI Publishing, Wallingford

Cameron, Robert (2008), Landsnails in the British Isles, Field Studies Council, Telford

Rowson, Ben, et al. (2014), Slugs of Britain and Ireland: Identification, Understanding and Control, Field Studies Council, Telford


Hawkins, Roger D. (2000) Ladybirds of Surrey, Surrey Wildlife Trust, Woking

Mann, Darren J. (2002), Ladybirds: Natural Pest Control, Osmia Publications, Sileby

Roy, Helen E., et al. (1989), Ladybirds (Naturalists’ Handbooks 10), Pelagic Publishing, Exeter

Aphid predators and biological control

Insects on Nettles (Naturalists’ Handbooks 1)

Davis, B. N. K. (1991) , Richmond Publishing Company, Slough

A Colour Handbook of Biological Control in Plant Protection

Helyer, Neil, Brown, Kevin, and Cattlin, Nigel D. (2003), , Manson Publishing, London

Biological Control in Plant Protection: a Colour Handbook

Helyer, Neil, Cattlin, Nigel D., and Brown, Kevin (2014), Taylor and Francis, Abingdon

Knowing and Recognizing: the Biology of Glasshouse Pests and Their Natural Enemies

Malais M. H., and Ravensberg, W. J. (2003), Reed Business Information, Doetinchem

Beneficial Insects and Mites

Moreton B. D. (1969), Bulletin 20, HMSO, London 

Aphid Predators (Naturalists’ Handbooks 11)

Rotheray, Graham E. (1989), Richmond Publishing Company, Slough

Informative websites

British Hedgehog Preservation Society:

British Trust for Ornithology: 


Bumblebee Conservation Trust:  

Butterfly Conservation:  


Freshwater Habitats: 


Pesticides Action Network: 



Wildlife Trusts:   

Woodland Trust: 

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